written by staplesandstyle May 25, 2017

Hey lovelies!

How has your week been? I for one have been juggling multiple tasks and I know I say it all the time but maintaining a regular 9-5 and blogging is no easy feat. There are times when I tell myself that i’ll do some tasks when I get home but once I open the door and Roxy makes a beeline for my arms, I forget 6 out of the 10 things I planned. Between brand meetings, vet appointments, work, dinner with friends and staying fit, I literally have been running around like a nut.

Balancing all this in addition to a full time job and a blog does get pretty challenging. If you occasionally find yourself in similar situations, the goal-getter campiagn is for you. The most effective way yet of improving your level of  productivity and effectiveness is by making plans. Not mental ones, not plans you make while sipping on a cuppa while watching an episode of scandal and Olivia Pope does something that you think you should try out; actual plans. РThe ones you write down.

P.S: There’s a giveaway somewhere in this post. Keep reading!

I was really excited when I was reached out to by MusingsOnPaper because if you know me, you’ll know I carry a journal everywhere – work, home, the movies, the park on Roxy’s play dates because ideas come to me at the most random times and in the most awkward places and when I set a goal for myself, i will stop at nothing to achieve it. They sent me a a couple of journals and when I flipped through, I was impressed at its overall layout. It makes provision for your top 5 weekly goals and a check box which you can come back to afterwards to keep track of your progress.

It also allows for mapping out your goals for the day. So you can essentially plan out your day, keep track of them as the day progresses and make remarks about their status at the end of the day. There’s no better feeling than that of accomplishment. Checking out your to-do list helps keep your focus on your plans and if for any reason you were unable to complete them that day, you’ll get to them the next day.

I absolutely adore this note that has basically become my statement of purpose.

I have this one friend that tells me she’s grateful I made her get her first planner last year. Taking out 10-15 minutes to list your daily or weekly goals and having everything laid out make me feel i’m on top of things and in full control – and that’s the way I want to feel all the time.

What’s more, one lucky subscriber will stand a chance of winning a goal-getter’s journal and some extra goodies. Requirements?

1. Follow me on instagram @carcheey

2. Follow @musingsonpaper on instagram

3. Repost the feature image (same as the one I use to announce this post on Instagram), sharing in your caption one goal you set for yourself in the 1st quarter of the year and how you achieved it.

4. Tag @musingsonpaper in No 3 and include these hashtags: #musingsonpaper #goalgettercampaign #kachiinspiredme

May the odds be in your favor!

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