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Hello my loves!

Welcome to a brand new week (Not sure why I sound as if I’m vlogging – lol!) but i hope you you’re all doing very well. I was going to ask how you weekend was but for my Nigerian readers, I think It’s pretty clear that we are all reeling back from a very disheartening one. Let’s hope that the presidential elections won’t be any further mishaps in the next few days. So last week was Valentine’s and there’s no sugar coating the fact that we don’t have an abundance of restaurants or locations that people would typically flock to during the season, However, The Hilton treated a couple of bloggers and myself to a very upscale, elegant and delightful evening at Zuma Grill.

Zuma Grill happens to be one of the many restaurants located in The Hilton and the ambiance was beyond divine. As soon as you walk in, there’s a grand piano with tealight candles casting a lovely glow around the area, and a very talented organist that treated us to an impeccable selection of songs all night long. We were soon ushered to out table for 4 and presented with the menu.

The customer service was top of the charts, the meals were as tasty as they should have been and I don’t think our wine glasses went beyond halfway at any point in time. Our personal waiter did an excellent job at ensuring we ingested a fair amount of red and white wine and every single dish we were served made my taste buds very glad.



I did my best to capture all the best moments of the night so you may want to head over to my instatories and have a look.

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