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Hello my loves!

Can we agree to ignore the fact that it’s the 22nd of January and my first blog post of the year is just going up? Great! you guys are amazing. So about a week ago, I uploaded a photo on my Instagram page and asked whether you guys had an active tea/coffee culture and contrary to my somewhat limited and biased opinion, a lot of you responded in the affirmative.

A leisure scroll through your timeline every now and then will prove that we are almost a city of coffee and tea addicts. Lets do a quick survey – a friend calls you up for an impromptu meeting and you guys agree to meet at a cafe to discuss over a cup of tea. You’re meeting the girls for a quick catch up and you lot first down a soup bowl sized latte while you wait for the main course and lets not forget the coveted Instgrammable coffee flat lay that everyone wants to have on their feed. Yup – we’re all suckers for the budding coffee culture and it’s okay because Cafe Neo has got our backs.

The first time I came across a picture of Cafe Neo, it was on the day of their opening. I was unable to make it but I had a couple of trusty blogger friends who helped me attend via their Instagram Stories. It is located in Ventures Park which is already known for it’s artsy, creative vibe so the fusion of all that and a coffee shop with Instagrammable decor makes you want to stick around all day.

Because i’m always on the go, I like to dash in during the early hours of the day, grab myself a large Chai Latte, a brownie and head on out. They offer a decent variety of coffees and treats and I think I saw parfaits in the fridge the last time I visited – so that should make for a nice difference.

So the next time you want a nice dose of caffeine, you know where to go.


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