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I reached a weird place in my life where I fell out of love with Midi skirts. When they became a thing and everyone was filling their carts and shopping bags with them, I would simply appreciate the look and fit on other people and pick other items for myself. Maybe it was because I hadn’t found the style that did it for me, maybe I just wasn’t ready to own one but THIS midi skirt had me doubting my entire fashion sense. I snagged it when I was browsing through the new collection at Mareh_Atelier and for the first few seconds after i lifted it off the rail, I stared in confusion but the second I tried it on, I was sold.

Before you even go ahead to say it, we are all aware that midi skirts look frumpy and remind you of library staff but this midi skirt is on a whole other level and now that fashion powers that be have ordained them as a closet staple, I couldn’t hold anything against it – besides, it checks all the boxes – literally.

It cinches in my waist and draws attention to the slimmest part of my body. The cascading swoops here and there serve major style points and the play of patterns takes away any that boring granny-like look. I figured i’d give it a sharp contrast by pairing it with a bell sleeved white blouse. Dolled up on a pair of smart heels with a cute little purse and you dare not say I am runway ready.

So, fancy a style steal? You can shop this entire look @Mareh_Atelier. Don’t say I never did anything good for you.

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