Hey guys,

    Yes I’m going there…because what type of Wedding Guest Series would this be without talking about an Ex? And let’s face it. Weddings of our day are more or less university reunions and a rendezvous of young adults, so if you dated a guy who loves in the same city and runs in the same social circle as you, chances are that you’ll bump into him. The probability even increases for those of us that live in small cities like Abuja.

    So it’s confirmed. Your friend’s wedding is a month away (And she’s getting married to one of his buds) so a few friends decided to organize a cocktail party and you’re invited. The good news is that you’re expecting it (rather than getting punched in the stomach by running into him holding hands with his new girlfriend at Cold Stone and you’ve got nothing but faded flip-flops and wig that is begging for mercy going for you). So you’ve got a couple of days to go over every possible scenario in your mind and numb all those feelings – especially if things ended badly and a part of you still wishes they didn’t.

    1. Decide whether to sit this one out: So even if you’re attending for the sake of your friend, what if he attends the cocktail with a new love interest? Can you handle your ex being lovey dovey with someone new? Or what if it just so happens that he is still single…how sure are you that you won’t send the sloppiest signals across and appear like a lovesick puppy that’s begging to be brought in from the cold.

    1. Secure a wing lady: Girl, you’re going to need a support system…or maybe support systems because you don’t want to be seen hanging on to the same person throughout the event. And they have to be prepared to shield you from potentially awkward situations with your ex.
    2. Nail the perfect outfit: You want to show up looking hot. Not rot-in-hell-because-it-didn’t-work-out kinda hot, but a slightly upgraded and collected kinda hot. You don’t want to go for the overkill with your outfit so it doesn’t appear as if you were trying too hard but you can have a little skin on show here and there.

    1. Stay in control: You’re in no way obligated to hold a conversation with your ex but if you happen to cross paths, keep things cordial, smile, say a casual hello and move along. Keep the conversation short and sweet and proceed to the rest of the party.


    1. Enjoy yourself, because you should. Interact with other people at the party, dance with your friends, take group pictures and live your best life in the moment.

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