written by staplesandstyle August 17, 2017

Hey guys!

I’m sorry that there has been a slight change in my uploads schedule, I’ve been really busy. I thought to share with you my experience at Laguru Spa. About three weeks ago, a couple of bloggers – myself inclusive, were treated to an enviable baby-girl-kinda-spa day. It covered everything from manicures to pedicures, facials, a massage that got into the very core of my soul…all of it!

There’s a saying that “a massage isn’t just working muscles. It integrates modalities, listens to your body and can sometimes be regarded as physical therapy for the mind, body and soul“. The massage I got, fulfilled every syllable of the quote. I still shudder at the professionalism of the masseuse that attended to me and it was the same for Bella, Demi, Grace and Rhoda.



The next time you’re looking to get a good pamper, you know where to go. ┬áStop by their instagram page @Laguru_Spa for more details.┬áDon’t say I never did anything good for ya!



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