written by staplesandstyle October 5, 2017

Hey guys,

How are we doing today? It feels as if I’ve been away for the longest time and I probably have, but i’m back. I was presented with free tickets to attend the Indigo Sky Fashion show that held on Saturday, 17th September at Dunes and guys, I was pleasantly impressed.

Long after the show was over, I couldn’t get over some of the styles and designs that graced the runway. I said this on Instagram a few days back and i’ll repeat it. Gone are the days when you’ll compulsorily have to look to fashion retailers for foreign brands when it comes to occasion wear. With the emergence of more indigenous fashion brands who are pushing the limits and are not afraid to test the waters, I foresee a very different industry in no distant time. Among my favorites that walked the runway were: SabaliFashion and Oroko 7

I had the pleasure of bumping into some of my favorite fashion bloggers and you cab bet we had a swell time. I have a vlog style review of this fashion show on my YouTube channel and you can watch this here.



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Kymmiee October 6, 2017 - 2:21 pm

Loved this. I enjoyed the Video as well. Felt like i was part of it all


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