I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I don’t work out every day of the week but I endeavor to do so at least thrice a week – giving Saturdays my best. It’s not easy, especially when you have to be at the office early but it’s definitely worth it. My personal exercise regimen constitutes running, jogging, brisk walking and cardio so I assign one or two to the various days depending on how early I set out. Sometimes the air conditioning gains the upper hand and I scramble out of bed forty-five minutes later than I should have. If this were to happen on the second day of my supposed work-out routine, I would mentally start preparing myself for an extra hour of work-out on Saturday…as is the backstory of this post. Today, I pushed myself harder and I can already visualize how perfectly the body con I’m wearing for a friend’s birthday dinner tonight will hug my every curve (well…maybe not curves per say but the little dips I have here and there).





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