Here’s to the lady that thinks her hair is too short, her eyes are too big and her lips are too wide.

Here’s to the lady that feels disadvantaged because she didn’t school abroad and doesn’t speak with an accent.

Here’s to the lady that thinks she doesn’t measure up because she still depends on cabs and can’t beat her face to perfection by herself.

Here’s to the lady that wishes she had the picture perfect hour glass figure, visibly clear skin and pink supple lips.

Here’s to the lady that works long hours and has a less than average social life because she’s unable to attend as many events as she wishes she could.

Here’s to the twenty something year old lady who is still single and feels a twinge of guilt or hurt every time anyone asks whether she has a boyfriend.

Here’s to the lady that wishes she was born into another family because the circumstances surrounding hers are not favorable.

Here’s to you, with whatever (im)perfection you’re constantly beating yourself up about.


You are enough. I’m no better than you and you’re in no competition to out-do anyone. I don’t get to create notions about you because of your appearance and you don’t get to look down on yourself because you think you have less to offer.

To the girl you never noticed before, you are the perfect woman. To the lady living on the next street, you have the brightest smile she has ever seen. To the cashier at the bank you visit frequently, your cheek bones were perfectly sculpted. To one of your followers on Instagram, your Instagram feed is goals. To the woman you will eventually grow to become, you are perfect.

So here’s to you my lady, you’re a super human.



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My name is Onyekachi Opara...Kachi for short. An avid lover of God and an Economist who believes in the future of the Nigerian fashion industry. I believe in buying Nigerian and promoting indigenous brands, I believe that someday, there'll be Nigerian fashion retail outlets at every turn with ready to wear pieces that are affordable for the everyday lady and I believe that chocolate cake and candy bars make the world go round.


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