written by staplesandstyle June 25, 2018

It’s time for a consult and I’m the therapist on duty today. Guys, it seems too many people don’t understand the concept of downtime. When do you decide that it’s time to shut everyone and everything out….including your phone and social media? When do you say “I’m going to put everything away, connect with my inner self and just let the minutes pass”? I’m here to share my views on this.

I now live a very intentional lifestyle where every step I take is in line with achieving a goal. There will be days when I break away from this routine (because everything should be done in moderation) but do you ever listen to your body and decide it’s time for me? When you power through three weeks of consultations, business meetings, presentations and you catch a break, how do you reward yourself?

I like to take breaks every now and then and I appreciate such moments even better when I have comfy clothes and the right ambiance to enhance it. I got this two piece lingerie set from OJ Intimates a while back and it’s one of those pieces that are not exactly for everyday wear but when i’m getting cozy time with myself, I like to whip it out. Believe it or not, just because I’m by myself doesn’t mean I wear the randomest things. I was recently sent this Kimono by Ruki’s collection and it’s the perfect complement for my loungy-lingerie set. I like to throw it over just to give meĀ  a bit more coverage – plus when there’s a knock at the door, I just tie it up in a knot and do the needful.

The world is so fast paced today that you sometimes need to remind yourself to take a break. The next time you do, pay a little more attention to your lounge wear, light a few candles, put on soothing music and just let the moments pass.

Thanks for reading guys.

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Winniesstyle June 25, 2018 - 12:59 pm

Great post. I must say I need this… reward myself thing. Seriously. But there are some luxury you can’t afford when you have a dotting toddler, but I definitely do need to reward myself with a spa treatment or something.


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