Hey lovelies,

Welcome to a brand new week. I love the reassurance that Mondays bring. It’s like wiping the slate clean and giving you another chance – and let’s be honest, we all need second chances, right?

Today we’re focusing on another style trend – Pleated Skirts. While we’ve seen many modifications of these in past seasons, I am totally digging the new trend of smart, chic and sophisticated ones that can be worn to work and formal occasions. Of course they’re not for everyday wear but on days that you want to make a statement, you whip it out and rock it – and you totally guessed right, it was made by a Nigerian Brand. Belois Couture is definitely on a roll and at this rate, I may be considering a closet clear-out.

You can tell at a glance that it is not made of silk, satin or any other light material . The fact that the fabric has more bulk, enhances the pleats even more and the sight of every pleat staying in place makes it even more sophisticated. I did not layer this pleated skirt because putting too much effort into the top half can draw people’s attention away from the beautiful skirt – and the skirt deserves a moment!

So I opted for a solid color on top – a white chiffon top which I tucked in. I also kept thinks pretty basic with a pair of strappy sandals and a large Maknisy bag. If you saw me walking by with this ensemble, you would believe without a shred of doubt that I have my shit together – ……and maybe I do….and maybe I don’t.

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