Guys do you ever feel like your days are a record player on repeat? Wake up in the morning, pray, work-out, have breakfast on your way out, get to work, be an adult, have lunch, then dinner….and every day is essentially a repeat of the previous, which is also a repeat of the previous day?  How do you get out of that funk?

Here’s what I do:

  1. Create different playlists. I cannot live without music, neither can my day start without it. You may have watched a couple of my Instagram stories where I share my morning routine and it helps to start each day with a different line-up of songs. Just jamming to something new gives my day a boost.
  2. Be experimental with your breakfast. I really don’t know how I got to this point, but I am loving my current breakfast menu. I either have overnight oats (with varied toppings), tuna salad, a green smoothie or a yoghurt parfait. There are countless articles about the immense benefits of breakfast but to make every day seem like a new one, let there be something new about your breakfast. I like to go online, look for something new and whip it out the next morning.
  3. Work out. And I’m not saying this because it’s the first month of the year and everyone resolves to live a better life – I personally don’t make resolutions – but working out increases your mental clarity for up to ten (10) hours post-exercise. Still considering tucking your active wear away?
  4. Set weekly goals – and I’m not talking about ten unrealistic goals that you may probably require up to a month to achieve. There may be just three or four of them but by the time it’s Wednesday and you’ve achieved two out of four tasks, it’ll put springs in your steps and make you deliver the best that you can by the end of the week.
  5. Lastly, take it easy. Life can be a lot better if you make it so. Stop overthinking everything and enjoy the moment. I love to go on walks along my street with my headphones and appreciate my environment.

I hope someone finds this post useful. I got this gorgeous dress from TheOutletStyleTrailer1 and it makes me feel fluttery, lady like and just a twinge sexy *wink*.



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