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So the weekend is upon us and if there’s one thing we can agree on, its the fact that in less than a few hours one of the top trending hashtags will be #weekendgoals – but this weekend in particular, i’ll be doing that in the comfiest lounge wear yet.

I recently got more intentional about slow living, hygge, mindfulness and relishing fleeting seconds. Recuperating after a long day and enjoying a chilled Saturday in has a lot to do with what you put on and because this is an essential part of our daily lives, I love the fact that Trouvai Lingerie has a line of lingerie that is apt for this. Made from soft satin that lightly caresses your skin and pink & white stripes that scream “I’m having a baby girl weekend”,  there’s no mistaking the level of comfort this pair affords you.

Safe to say there has never been a more fashionable way to relax; can we have a moment of silence for the stunning front pockets and contrast piping? With lounge wear of our day being converted into outdoorsy ensembles, you can easily pull off a “cool girl rocking her pj’s to the store” kinda look by switching out the shorts for a pair of cotton sweats, put your hair up in a messy bun, throw on a pair of vans or furry slippers, grab your dog and your keys and you’re off – Yes! I said grab your dog (because I have a dog and her name is Roxy).

This comfy pyjamas set is now available on their site and you can snag yours here.


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