When I was a little girl, I dreamed of growing up in corporate America, dressed in a form-fitted skirt suit with an office that opens out to the prettiest view of the city. I dreamed of owning sky scrapers, leisure weekends in Paris and I thought all I had to do was ask daddy to get it done and it would be so in a flash. (I had this friend in Secondary School that used to call me Josephine the dreamer). Growing up, I got more than a smack in the face because I realized that you don’t just sit there and wish for things to happen. Five years of being in the corporate world has taught me that people will get your hopes high and crush them. They will dishonor their promises, lie to you, judge you based on your state of origin and family background. Life isn’t just a fairytale with a villain and a hero and there are no fairy godmothers. The boogie monster is no longer under your bed or in your closet; you go to work with him; you become friends with her, heck you even dine with them.

At the end of the day, it’s all in your hands – who you decide to let in, share your joys/challenges with and walk through life with. It’s all in your hands, you can recreate your story anytime. Right now, I’m going to sit on this park bench and enjoy this book by Chimamandah.

Happy Workers day!



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