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Listen up ladies! We all have our worn out oversized college t-shirts and baggy gym shorts that have somehow transitioned into being comfy lounge wear and sleep wear; But there comes a time when we need to indulge in really nice and lush pyjamas, a small thing that can put a smile on your face at the end of a long day. You deserve really good pyjamas that feel just as good as they look – and Sshhh Lingerie is all up in that business.

I was doing a closet clear out the other day and when I got to the night wear section of my closet, I gave myself a good ol’ pat on the back because I found out that I had unconsciously created a decent collection of co-ordinated pj’s. Not necessarily all of the same value but I got to a point where I wanted to go to bed feeling light, airy and tender – and that’s the advantage that Sshhh Lingerie offers.

When you go to bed wearing tight, constricting clothing, probably with an elastic band or a tight tank top, you negatively impact blood circulation and distort your ability to breathe normally throughout the night and its as if Sshhh Lingerie’s collection of Lounge/Nightwear is dedicating to reversing the harmful effects of this. The entire collection of nightwear and lounge wear pieces are light and airy, and they give your skin an opportunity to breathe throughout the night.

These supremely comfy jammies are made of 100% silk and that the band of the trousers sits lightly around my waistline, so there is no squeezing, pinching or tightening all night long. Can we also talk about the impeccable lace insert on the pyjama cami?….I mean, its little details like this that bump up a regular nightwear to an “I can quickly breeze into Shoprite to pick up some breakfast supplies” kinda lounge wear.

Whether you’re getting ready to slip in between the sheets and call it a night, binge watching the latest Netflix must-see or hosting a slumber party with your favorite girls, this is the perfect pyjamas to do it in. You can shop this directly on their website here and also visit their store at The Ruby Mall, Wuse 2.

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