What’s not to love about the idea of literally wearing a shirt as a dress? Whether it’s purposely oversized or smartly tailored, shirt dresses are pretty much a girl’s best friend. It’s one of those closet essentials that we lean on more than the classic white shirt and whether yours is made from crisp cotton (like this one) or soft silk, there’s really no better feeling than looking chic and feeling super comfortable.

Pulling together a shirt dress outfit does not require a masters degree in styling but there are some tips and tricks and additional features that improve your slay by a couple of notches. First off, newsprints and a textual obsession made an emergence in the fashion scene a bit of a while ago where every inch of the material was dedicated to a paragraph or two of The National daily but I like that fact that it’s presence on this dress isn’t as overbearing as the regular newspaper dress. The zip insert down the middle adds a rockstar vibe and keeps the street element in check.

I complemented this with a powder blue Susen bucket bag. I have to say, 41 Luxe Abuja has a very impressive collection of bags and purses. In my last two posts, I shared the Chloe Nile and MGM purse I got from them and this is another stylish one. It’s a happy medium between a large tote and a small clutch, fashionable but not too trendy, structured but not too structured. This is definitely one of those purses that every lady should have in her collection.

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  1. Obinna
    September 5, 2019 / 8:02 pm

    Nice one Kachi. Thumbs up!

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