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I had the most amazing weekend..i’m low key still relishing the moments. It started earlier in the week when I was reached out to by a staff of Sheraton’s Marketing Department and was given an exclusive invitation to their paired cocktail which was scheduled to take place that Friday.

I was so giddy about it that i became a little too about what to wear. I couldn’t decide whether to go for a laid back, casual look or whether to make a statement. I looked through my closet every night from Monday when I got the phone call until Thursday and by the time I realized there was nothing jumping at me, I had to reach out to a few trusted sources. I scheduled an appointment to meet one of the brands on Thursday evening after work but in between the unexpectedly heavy down pour and all the nerves that were cruising through by body, I was unable to find anything that I felt was right.

On Friday morning, I had a pre-arranged shoot for an indigenous fashion brand for 11am ( 6 hours to the event and I still had nothing to wear РI was beyond frantic). Then the CEO of IZIHANN shows up with a rack full of the clothes we were scheduled to shoot and in the midst of it all, this black and white number called out my name. I Immediately reached for it, tried it on and pledged my allegiance to it.  She had just saved a life!

Hair and make up took me all of an hour and eventually I got to Sheraton. The paired cocktail took place in the Lobby Bar and its amazing how dimmed lights and fantastic music completely transformed the bar. It got me feeling all Moulin Rouge and bar on a luxury ship kinda vibes. Oh and I was appreciative about my outfit; not because of the one million and one complements I got but because, with the dimmed lights, I was difficult to miss.

I got to meet the chefs who treated us to the tastiest array of sweet and savory bits. From the Igbo culture we had portions of ugba paired with a glass of red wine, slices of chocolate cake (and you know how I feel about chocolate cake), perfectly baked brownies just the way I like them, I got to meet the Marketing team, I held insightful conversations with great minds…I could go on and on but most importantly, I felt really privileged to be there.

The next time you’re in a fix about where to dine, think Sheraton. Between Luigi’s restaurant, The Obudu Grill house, the Pool Bar & Restaurant, Papillon restaurant and the lobby bar, you’re bound to satisfy your most unique appetite.

Just like the pairings we were served, my outfit and this event couldn’t have made a better pair. It’s part of Izihann’s ready to wear collection which will be launched before the end of the week.

Thanks for reading guys! Have a fantastic week ahead.


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