48 blissfully lazy hours aren’t the only good things about the weekend, I mean I get it – nothing beats putting on your comfiest jumper or jammies, cuing all your favorite Netflix must-sees and binge watching all weekend long BUUT! you also get to wear all your cool comfy clothes that you couldn’t wear from Monday to Friday (maybe because of workplace ethics and bla bla).

If you’re following me on Instagram then I’m sure you would have come across a post – or two – or three of me mouthing off about Jumia’s on-going Black Friday deals. They didn’t come to play this year though, they’ve given away IPhone X’s at N3,000, laptops at N2,000, a washing Machine at N500 I mean, does it get any better? You bet they also have amazing discounts off their fashion bits and I’ve rounded up my steals on Jumia this week. I’ve also included direct links to shop them all.

1. The Perfect Jumpsuit: I’ve you’ve ever bought a jumpsuit and hated yourself after trying it on then I’m sure you can relate with my next statement. Nothing is more annoying than putting your two legs in, attempting to zip up the jumpsuit and finding a serious case of Camel Toe – I think I’ve found sandbags on some occasions too. It’s the most annoying thing and no matter how pretty the jumpsuit is, I’m not going to wear it around looking like there’s a disagreement between the top half and lower half of my body but that isn’t the case with this jumpsuit from Jumia. It encapsulates Effortless casual glam at a go.

The cap sleeves are the right length, the belt around the waist is long enough to cinch you in and still knot a bow and it’s got pockets – for extra credit. I always say pockets give extra credit and you can shop yours here.

2. A Cropped Hoodie and my Sassy Pants: So let’s say you were making a quick dash to the mall, or you were going for a stroll down your street in the evening or you were going to get Ice-Cream or you had any other reason to go out and you wanted to pull off an “I didn’t make too much effort to look good” kinda look, this combo would be your Go-to. The hoodie is warm enough for the weather and my sassy pants -Can we talk about my sassy pants? For the first time in forever,I didn’t need to hold the waist of trousers just to get that perfect fit around my waist but because I’m kinda tall, the trousers weren’t my exactly ankle grazing, so I turned them up and made it more of a three-quarter kinda shebang. You get my drift right? So you can cob the cropped hoodie Here and the White skinnies here .


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  1. November 19, 2018 / 11:08 am

    Living for the cropped hoodie babes!!!

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