..seen a lot of town lakes, got a kick ass radio, heard a lot of singing along to just some country songs and rock n’roll” (Chris Young – The Dashboard).  Guys I tell ya, I visualized myself jumping into a beat up truck and driving into the sunset throughout this entire shoot  lol .

I love that it is summer time and even if we enjoy year round summer in Nigeria, its more of a mental state for me and so i feel just a little bit giddier about dressing up over the weekends or when i’m not rushing off for a meeting.

I met up a couple of friends for lunch last weekend and in the process of picking out what to wear, I figured i’d make a post out of my outfit. Denim skirts are a huge trend now and its one of those trends I didn’t mind buying into because its practically a wardrobe staple.


I was going for a slinky-summery-weekend look so I paired my denim skirt with a striped crop top and a belt to hold the waist a little – I went one size up on the skirt because I didn’t want a tight fit. I also wore my booties just to add a bit of edge to it and a satchel bag I snagged from a friend of mine.

I’ll be sharing some very interesting news with you guys soon so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for stopping by.


Outfit Details:

Denim Skirt: Miskay Boutique

Crop Top: Missguided

Hat: River Island

Boots: Razor Sharp

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