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You guys will probably think i’m the silliest person on earth but every time I say I will not do something again, I turn around and dazzle in it. First it was African prints, then it was wearing the color brown and now its fishnet tights…I’d best learn never to say never. I remember having a conversation about the fishnet trend with a friend of mine where I practically assured myself I was never going to try on fishnet leggings…let alone own one!

I can’t begin to explain the feeling I had when I put the fish net on and wore the ripped jeans over it. The comeback of this trend and pairing it with super ripped jeans has to be a match made on a tailors desk. It adds tonnes of character and personality and in a way, it gives you a sense of being covered up….even though you’re obviously not.

Being that you can never go wrong with a bardot top, I went with white because white is probably the best color on earth but to add a little extra sumthn sumthn, I adorned with a little scarf.

Do you see how well all this plays out? FYI this is still part of MarehMakeova’s summer collection and all items are still available at hers.

I figured that a pair of pointees would add some extra dimension to the overall outfit and voila! How would you rock fishnet tights? Bet you’re like me and you never as much as let the idea form in your mind – no worries. Give it a try and thank me later.

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Outfit Details:

Fish-net Tights: Marehmakeova

Ripped Jeans: Marehmakeova

Bardot Top: Marehmakeova

Scarf: River Island

Sunglasses: River Island

Satchel Bag: Forever 21

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