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    What a way to title a blog post right…but what do you think I’m referring to? I’ve been blogging for three and a half years now and if there’s one thing I have never downplayed, it’s the importance of taking high resolution pictures. Fasten your seat belts guys, cause this I’m getting really real with you guys in this post.

    Yes! We live in a day where every waking minute of our day is almost always captured on social media and with this notion comes the misconception that you need to invest hundreds of thousands in order to capture picture perfect moments. Make no mistakes about it, I have a bunch of photographers (with high tech DSLR’s) that I reach out to when I’m working on a high brow brand campaigns and in most cases, I factor the cost of photography into my rate because you need to. However, sometimes all you need is a good smartphone, a large doze of natural light, knowledge of how to work your angles and a good editing app.

    I’m a Lightroom girl. At this very moment and for more than a year, i have had Photoshop and After Effects on my laptop but I have stuck with Lightroom for the longest time. I started with YouTube tutorials and over time, I was able to create a filter that I apply over any picture I take – regardless of the aesthetics or colors in the image (hence the cohesinevess of my Instagram Feed). Back to what I was saying in the first paragraph, sometimes all you need is a good smart phone. Most smartphones that were released between 2017 and 2019 have cameras that can do all the story telling you need – just be sure to clean the face of your lens and always stand facing natural light (this helps your image look brighter, clearer and sharper).

    Learn how to work your angles and take negative space into consideration. Negative space is actually just the areas between and around the subject of an image that can take a photo from good to great. Most times for me this includes buildings, streetlights, traffic lights and minimal aesthetics that I come across when I drive around town. When I see a location that I could potentially use for a shoot, I go there a day or two before the shoot and study the angles. Now because i’ve done this over time it takes me less than 5 minutes to figure this out but if you’re starting out, you may want to take your time and take what your “potential background” in the image should be – and you’re good.


    I actually took all the images in this post with my iPhone and I can’t say they’re bad images. So the next time you have a nice outfit on and you think you should take a picture for the gram, be sure to have a friend with you and bear all the points in this post in mind.

    Happy Easter Holidays!


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