Hello my loves,

    How awkward is it that I’m uploading a blog post on a Sunday? However, I’ve got a full week of Holiday Outfit Inspo’s lined up for you guys so I thought I’d kick off the week with what I wore to Sheraton’s Christmas Party last week Friday.

    For someone who is dishing out Outfit ideas to all and sundry, I was in a vastly different place in the couple of days that led up to Friday. I received the Invite two weeks prior but I didn’t put much thought into figuring out what to wear until the week of the party – HOW TYPICAL Right???!! I couldn’t wrap my head around anything Christmas Party worthy in my closet, and because these kinds of events come with some underlined upscale formality, I wanted to look really nice.

    Days rolled by and every time I mentally scanned my closet, It proved futile until I remembered this dress. I was gifted this dress in August by a dear dear person (who is a lot Older than me but has a friggin’ fantastic sense of style). She had just gotten back from a trip to Europe and although I didn’t ask for anything, she very kindly bought this for me and said “When I walked past the rack, I literally saw your tiny frame in this dress” and how right was she?

    I stepped into this one-piece and felt like Marilyn Monroe. There was an understated sexiness about it that I loved – and who says you can’t wear black to a Christmas party? The lacy details added large doses of festive cheers and with the slinky barely there straps, I was ready to rock the night away. I paired it with my strappy sandals and a snake skin purse.

    Be on the look out for daily outfit inspirations. I’ve drafted 7 outfits for the next 7 days and trust me, you’d want to buy every one of them. Thanks for reading!


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