I’m just going to give you a moment to take this all in. First of all, it’s Dzyn, then its blush pink, then its meshy….then there’s a Mak Nisy bag to with it – I mean, can a girl get any more glamorous?

    I put my hand up. I’m one of those girls for whom the season affects their choice of outfit and tbh why the heck not? When I think about Spring/Summer, the colors that come to mind are Rich Ivory, Vibrant Yellow, Blush Pink, Lemon Green and Pale blue (and I promise you, there’s about to be a lot of those colors dotted around my Instagram feed in the coming months) and If you’re attending any soiree in the course of the period, lets just consider this your outfit Inspiration (You’re Welcome).

    I always say that an elegant lady shows off more clavicle than cleavage because there’s something about the strong and powerful about protruding collar bones. I am in utter awe and admiration of this top and the way it sits. Dzyn isn’t one of those brands that compromises on Fabric (the type that will give you a mesh top and you’ll be wondering whether it is still missing some layers of material). When I first made contact with the top and ran my hands through it, my fingers got lost in the thickness of the mesh then I tried it on and it was all over! I mean….how do you combine style, sophistication and opulence all in one top? Well…Dzyn did and best believe it feels as rich as it looks.

    I decided to channel my inner subtle glam goddess by contrasting the top with a pair of high waisted white trousers (which I got from El-Boogie) and as if this wasn’t pretty enough, I threw in a Dusty Pink Mini Idara bag from Maknisy. Now hold on! Hold on! I know what you’re thinking – who the heck do I think I am, looking fly and wearing all these brands at once –  same thing I was thinking as well!

    You guys know how Mak Nisy stole my heart last year and with every new collection she releases, she raises the bar. How do you wrap your head around the fact that this bag (and all the bags she retails) are handmade in Nigeria? The leather is sourced within our borders, the hardware and detailing are also local and every time I carry a Mak Nisy bag, I get complements and questions – EVERY SINGLE TIME . That goes to show  (and I dare say) that there are some Nigerian brands that can compete with International brands and gain the upper hand.

    However, I’ve rambled on long enough and this is where the juice is. Mak Nisy is currently running an Easter special and thankfully, the Idara Mini Purse which was initially priced at N15,500 is being offered at N13,500. Here are direct links:

    Outfit Details:

    Mesh Top: @dzynbabe


    Mini Bag: @MakNisy

    Watch: @Danielwellington

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