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    Hey guys,

    How are you doing? So remember this post where I reviewed Clinique’s 72 Hour Moisture Surge? I promised to come back to you after a month with an honest review and guys, I can’t believe the transformation. I had been dealing with very bad skin for the longest time. I invested a lot into skincare, developed an extensive regime which started showing some results but it always seemed as if my skin was just a couple of notches away from what I wanted it to be. I have never really battled with acne but I had very obvious dark circles around my eyes and had some patches on some parts of my face that made it very difficult to go out barefaced. So knowing all this and with a bathroom cabinet full of premium skincare products, I started using Clinique’s 72 Hour Moisture Surge. In the midst of my busy schedule, I forgot to take a picture of my skin before I started using the moisture surge but here’s what my skin looked like 7 days in.

    As you can see in the picture above, I had a severe case of panda eyes and tiny rashes on my face that never went away, regardless of how much I exfoliate. However,  Clinique’s 72 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator prides itself with Activated Aloe Water and caffeine which helps the skin to create it’s own internal water source and allow the skin to endlessly rehydrate itself so I had my hopes up on this pot of magic.

    Three weeks down the line, I’m glowing. As is the case with most skincare products, it does take some time for the results to show but in the course of the last month, I maintained a strict skincare regimen and ensured that I played my part in prepping my skin pre-application of the moisture surge. With every application of the moisture surge, my skin got an instant boost of moisture and because of it’s Auto-replenish technology, my skin was constantly hydrated even after washing my face.

    Did I mention that the Moisture Surge has a fast absorbing gel-cream texture? I’m sure I’m not the only one who hates having to wait a while for their moisturizer to soak into their skin before applying make-up but the advantage that Clinique’s Moisture surge has is that it absorbs super quickly and also acts as an amazing base for make-up.

    I am hopeful that with continued use, my skin will make even more progress and you bet I will keep you in the know. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend.xx..



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