Ladies, i’m about to call it!

    If you’re not glitzing and shimmering your way into a Christmas party this year, who have you been taking lessons from? Who have you been listening to (definitely not me) because there’s one sure way of being the most striking girl when you walk into the room.

    Sequins are a holiday staple and I am obsessed with this show stopping mixture of white and gold. When it comes to the color wheel, very few contenders have successfully captured the essence of Christmas in an outfit but Aisha Abubakr Luxury Design has outdone herself again. This A-cut slinky onesie tops off the festive cheer with the cascading sequins that galvanize themselves all the way down this dress while oozing ultimate sophistication.

    I paired this dress with an eye-catching season appropriate green purse, slipped on my nude stilettos and was ready to do the macarena at the party. Ready to grab this dress off the rack? Place your order at AishaAbubakr_ng.

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