nigerian street style



    by staplesandstyle

    Hey guys!

    I recently took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about my secondary school days and how extremely unglamorous I was (I went to Vivian Fowler FYI).
    CK5I’m a 90’s kid and by the time I was in secondary school, all the cool kids wore ankle stockings, could do the belly roll and Beyonc√©’s booty shake but as far as mother dearest was concerned, the normal long stockings were the way to go and I was stiff as a pole. I was a transfer student and prior to then I was in a government school that required me to cut my hair in junior secondary so on getting to my new school, I was in the process of growing out my hair.
    CK1Fast forward to the coming of ripped jeans and say hello to a brand new me!
    I’m not sure whether it’s because of the multiple slashes and cut outs here and there or the fact that you can dress them up with a pair of strappy sandals and a corporate shirt or dress them down like I have with a pair of sneakers – either way, you’re guaranteed a pass mark to the cool kids adults club, now how’s that for a cheat guide?
    Outfit Details:
    Jeans; El Boogie
    Crop Top: Forever 21
    Hoodie: Urban Outfiters
    Sneakers: Addidas
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