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    Happy Christmas Eve guys!

    I got the most thoughtful Christmas package from Clinique last week and I just had to share. Living in Nigeria these last few years, connecting with talented content creators and meeting a lot of amazing brands has been rewarding but never in my wildest dreams did I think the day would come when I would get care packages from Clinique – I mean, its CLINIQUE and they left a handwritten note (you know it’s uber special when there’s a hand written note).

    The thing that makes me happiest about this is that all these items were part of the Clinique wish list I randomly uploaded on my Instagram stories sometime in August; little did I know that Santa was listening and taking notes. Inside the package, there were three items: The Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly, the Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and The Clique Pop Splash Lip Gloss + Hydration.


    All over town, worn out generators, uncontrollable waste burning and vehicles with poorly serviced engines are belching out smoke of noxious emissions, making the air we come in contact with extremely unhealthy – and it’s unhealthy for our lungs as it is for our skin. in recent times we have been hearing a lot about how pollution impacts our skin and contributes to hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles  and congested pores and when we think about skincare regimens, we are more likely to reach for products that brighten, purify, refine and so on; but how many of us take active steps to prevent our skin from pollution? Thankfully, Clinique’s latest product is designed to do that. 

    Formulated from Clinique’s Clean-Shield Technology™, the Hydrating Jelly is a genius moisturizer with a jelly like consistency that creates a barrier against the harmful effects of pollution. It also boasts of  a blend of sunflower seed cake, barley extract and cucumber fruit extract to strengthen the skin’s barrier, improve it’s resilience, and balance and retain the skin’s moisture levels. It also provides 24 hours of hydration thanks to the presence of glycerin and hyaluronic acid.



    The myriads of thrilled reviews you’ve seen online about this product are not wrong. There is something undeniably luxurious about rubbing cleansing balms into the skin and watching all the make up and grime melt off, while leaving the skin nourished and supple to the touch and Clinique’s Take The Day off Cleansing Balm is definitely topping the charts right now.

    While the non-comedogenic ingredients like safflower oil make it great for oily and acne prone skin, the brilliant technologies applied in producing it make it just as effective for sensitive skin. You essentially remove all the inflammation causing oil that is produced in the course of the day as well as the deep rooted grime and layers of make up you’ve plastered on your skin throughout the day.


    I’m almost inclined to say that this product was produced with Nigerian’s in mind, specifically for this time of year. In the next couple of weeks, Harmattan is going to kick in, dry skin, chapped lips and ashy elbows and knees will become the order of the day – well except you can prevent it. I generally always stick with lip balms around this time because my main focus is preventing over drying and retaining moisture in my lips but this new lip gloss from Clinique is like a 2 for 1.


    It’s next generation formula combines a pop of color with a splash of hydration, thereby drenching the lips in weightless gloss that is all shine, all moisture and non sticky. The ingredients help to smooth and condition the lips while providing immediate and long lasting moisturizaton for all day comfort. Now do you see why it’s perfect for this time of year? And if it’s able to see you through the driest months, best believe that by the time we’re back to “regular frequency”, it will be just as efficient.

    I am beyond grateful to the Clinique family for sending me these very timely products. You can purchase these same products from their free standing store at Jabi Lake Mall and for every purchase you make this season, there’s a gift that goes with.

    Thanks for reading guys and Merry Clinique Christmas in Advance. xx..

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