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    I had lunch with a friend of mine the other day and she couldn’t stop gushing about the dresses some wedding guests wore to a wedding she just attended. I happened to have come across some photos of the same wedding online and a better percentage of the ladies that got my attention were adorned in some form of Pleats or another. There’s something decadent and elegant about pleated dresses and even skirts that channels proper ladylike debonair vibes – and Belois Couture has put a twist on this trend that I totally approve of.

    Apart from the levels of sass and mental prowess that Jessica Pearson exuded on Suits, her style was on a different continent and this dress from Belois Couture gives me maaaajor Pearson Vibes. Shall we start with the length? It’s perfectly midi which means my knee caps are not on display and I bet the designer was thinking “I want my client’s to show that they can be conservative but powerful and stylish”.

    I’m still in awe of how excellently it gloves my torso and reveals my waist line. One of the biggest characteristics of style is fact that “Everything fits Perfectly”. A well fitted dress over a tight or baggy alternative will show you success any day any time – and three-quarter sleeves that end where they are supposed to, will show off the right proportion of your arms and wrists that you should have on show. The arms of this dress are made of  a light weight meshy fabric that lets you know something is there without being annoyingly itchy.

    One more reason why this Belois Couture dress is a must have? The element of shape and diagonal cut offs – you agree right? I love how that the inner purple part looks like a mono strap asymmetric midi gown and the outer art channels spring wedding pleats. Oh and the details?? The details are just fabulous. There’s a sequence of buttons lined down the side, right next to where the pleats start from that will instantly pull the attention of onlookers – Yes guys! I’m here for this dress.

    This chic dress had to be complemented with a deserving bag so I reached for my Maknisy Gigi handbag.  First of all, I’m a sucker for structured bags, combined with the glossy finish, gold hardware and an exterior pocket on the back, this is definitely what a day to night kind of transitional bag looks like. The roomy interior is spotless black that features a couple of inner pockets that are perfect for sliding in complementary and ATM cards. Get yours here guys.

    Thanks for reading.


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