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    Sshhh! Keep your voices down, we don’t want the guys next door to hear our voices.

    If lingerie is really and truly the expression of a woman’s femininity, then we’re all here for this brand. A couple of days ago, I walked into Sshhh Lingerie‘s store in Abuja and my! was I thrilled. I had known about Sshhh Lingerie since the inception of their flagship store in Lagos back in 2016 so when Instagram’s explore page revealed that they were setting up their Abuja store, I was beyond ecstatic.

    It’s no secret that the way millennials think about lingerie, the way we treat our derriere and the way we treat our tatas has changed, and Sshhh Lingerie gets it. We have accepted bows, frills, cut outs and sheer lace as a daily affair and their impressive stock of A-list brands like Nubian skin, Bluebella, Mimi Holiday and a host of others is representative of the fact that we should never run out of options – for whatever occasion.

    After my consultation with one of the sales attendants (who willingly measured my band and cup size), I was handed the snazziest pink bag of goodies and as you can already tell, I was eager to open it. Inside the bag was a sleek A-cup under-wired torsolette corset, with adorable vertical boning in the front and at the back to snatch that waist in.  It was like intimacy staring me smack in the face and I was loving it. Also inside the bag, was one of life’s simplest luxuries – A robe.

    As the trend to incorporate innerwear as everyday clothing continues, negligees are the new evening dresses, bralettes are now considered camisoles and corsets are considered business-appropriate attire. I decided to spin this around, just to show you guys how versatile this corset is. So I swapped my jammy bottoms for a nude bandage skirt, my fluffy bedroom slippers for a pair of nude stilettos, reached for my Maknisy bag and voila! – I went from bedroom to boardroom.

    The in-store experience at Sshhh Lingerie makes you understand that lingerie is more than just an undergarment. It is self expression, it’s letting the sexy version of you come to the fore and it is also Africa’s best kept secret….until now.


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