Hey guys,

    Let’s get one thing straight. As long as you stick around, you’ll never find yourself in a work style rut. I know the factors surrounding your typical Monday to Friday attire are so many that you’re almost always convinced that a sack cloth is a better alternative – but Hold on! Let’s not be too hasty.

    You don’t have to own a closet like Kris Jenner or Kim Kardashian to look like a super star. There are a few little tricks which I will share with you.

    Colors can be a cruel mistress. Most of us know that we can stand to win a couple of style points by taking on hues outside our comfort zone – but – there are some classic colors that make you look like you’ve got your style game on. Navy blue or midnight blue in some cases is one those colors. It’s not your typical black that everyone resorts to and there’s something sophisticated about blue. So when next you’r shopping, keep your eyes out for a navy blue dress that’ll make a classic addition to your closet.

    Shoes: You’ve probably been staring at those six inch heels in your closet for a while and been wondering whether you can wear them to work. Is there such a thing as too high for work? Well – maybe this depends on the corporate culture of the organization you work with but it’s a hell of a lot easier to achieve a smart look with thin heels than block heels and who says you have to wear six inch heels? There’s a slew of prim and proper 3-4 inch heels on almost every shelf in fashion retail stores and let’s not forget that kitten heels are still as sexy as ever.

    Accessories: I always say that accessories seem like the tiniest and most irrelevant aspect of dressing up but it’s actually those teeny tiny gems that spell just how fashionable you are. What wrist watch are you wearing? (In this case I’m wearing my Daniel Wellington and you get a 15%  discount off your purchase on Jumia and the DW Website with the discount code: DWKACHI . Also, what handbag are you carrying? I’ve been loving all things Maknisy lately and there’s nothing wring with going a bit matchy matchy with your outfit. (There’s also a current Easter promo being offered on all Maknisy bags so don’t say I never did anything god for ya).

    Hair care: Lastly ladies, check in with your hair department and do yourself some good. Forget about the misconception that it costs an arm, a leg and a section of the brain to afford a good weave or wig – FALSE ALARM! I’m wearing an 8 inches raw super double drawn wig from @thehairsite  and this cost 35,000 (thirty five thousand naira) and with proper care you will enjoy your covet worthy hair for a good while.

    Did you find this post useful? Leave a comment below and I’ll see you soon.

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