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I’m back with another Home & Living post. I hope you’re finding these tips useful (comment your thoughts/improvements below). Today, I thought to digress a bit and talk about whether it’s even important to put any effort into making your house a home. During my formative years, I realized the difference between the way I felt whenever my parents made us spend Christmas in the village (which is Imo State by the way) and the way I felt when we spent in the family house in Port-Harcourt; and this difference can be summed up in one short phrase – Ambiance.

When you walk into your home, how do you feel? Warm? Calm? Happy? Overwhelmed? Studies have shown and I have come to believe that your nervous system and your senses respond to warm spaces differently. And how do you really create a warm, cozy, peaceful ambiance? If you follow me on Instagram @kachi_of_staples you’ll know that I now have a highlighted story dedicated to the ambiance in my apartment. Here are the things I focus on:

  1. The absolutely necessary pieces: I’m anything but traditional and I don’t believe that an apartment must have the standard full-on seven seater because it’s a norm. Only welcome the type and size of furniture that suits your peculiar living space.
  2. Zero clutter: I’m slowly realizing that I am a bit of a perfectionist. I have a shelf and a position for everything so when anything is out of place, I know just where to put it back.
  3. Invest in warmth….and by this I mean candles. Bless the day candles were made because warm lighting doesn’t always cut it. Sometimes I like to turn off all the lights in my apartment and leave only my candles on – and thankfully I have neighbors whose security lights cast a lovely reflection over my window and this is definitely an added benefit.
  4. Positive vibes only: I have an emotional connection to all my decor pieces and they’re all positive emotions. Try to keep away pieces that welcome any bad feeling because negative reminders can drain you psychologically. Once you gain the awareness of the things that make you happy, bring more of them to the fore.
  5. Lastly, work with a mental image of what you want. I daydream about how I would love my apartment to look and i’m taking definite and decisive steps towards creating it all. Take a moment to reflect on the kind of mood you would love to create and work towards it. P.S: I’ve got Pinterest and IKEA hacks coming up on my YouTube channel really soon and I bet you’ll find them helpful.

Thanks for reading guys. Do comment and let me know what types of posts you would love to see under this category.





  1. Kymmiee
    February 19, 2018 / 2:04 pm

    This makes me want to move to my own apartment… Man am going all in!!

  2. Nimi Crystal Amachree
    March 9, 2018 / 9:31 am

    I’d love to see posts on how to recreate what i see here. I want to reinvent my space and lifestyle

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