written by staplesandstyle August 9, 2018

Hey guys,

It has been a hot minute since I’ve been here, hasn’t it? I’m sorry I’ve been away for this long, I got caught up with work and life in general but you know the universe has a way of balancing things out. Just when the stress and pressure from work became a lot, I was invited to an exclusive Jabi Boat Club experience. Now Jabi Boat Club is not new to most residents of Abuja and I had heard a lot of great reviews about the boat club prior to the invitation but I had never been – So the #JBC Experience was bound to be a major experience for me.

First things first, I needed to sort out the outfit department so I reached out to my trusted @Mareh_Atelier . She adorned me with the snazziest pair of trousers with exaggerated flares. Oh did I tell you the invite came with a dress code?? Yeah…it did so the pair of  trousers scored a lot of beach baby vibes. I paired it with a leopard print bikini top and a whit button down top to conceal my vitals *wink*wink*.

Locating the Boat Club was a breeze and when I arrived, I was instantly transported to paradise. I’ve got to hand it to Mr Ferguson (The captain), he did a mighty fine job with the structure. The entrance into the boat club is lined with bamboo sticks that usher you into the bottom deck of the club. The top deck is even more special because the Captain has his private holding area where only his special guests ate privileged to sit and soak in the most amazing view of nature and the lake.

I happen to love water bodies and that’s why I hold this experience very dear to my heart. Mr Ferguson took us all on a boat cruise where he told us the history, vision and future of the boat club. The body of water glistened magnificently under the 4pm sun and although I wasn’t brace enough to bring my camera along, my iphone captured some pretty amazing moments. We glided past Jabi Lake Mall, went under the bridge and also had a chance to visit the Fishermen’s island – bet you didn’t know this existed. Contrary to my visit to Usman Dam in February where I spent less than 20 seconds in a canoe with my heart in my mouth, I wished the boat cruise with Mr Ferguson went on for hours.

We eventually came back to the boat club and were treated to an amazing spread. There were mini burgers, Nigerian Jollof, sweet potato fries, french fries, barbecue chicken…look guys! It was a lot and you can refer to my Instagram highlights for more. I had a friggin awesome time. There definitely hasn’t been any experience like the #JBCExperince thus far and I look forward to making more precious memories there with my family and friends.

Thank you to @KuyetBamai for putting this amazing experience together and to @FergusonUzomah  @JabiBoatClub for hosting us. Also thank you to @BlueInk.Media for taking amazing pictures.

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Tonye August 9, 2018 - 3:06 pm

Lovely post Kachi. Reading it took me back to Jabi boat club. It was indeed an amazing experience. And your pictures OMG! Slay baby.


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