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Listen up ladies! If there are no “co-ords” in your closet or fashion vocabulary, insert a new entry and reach for your master card pronto! I mean, sometimes all you want from your closet is a ready-to-wear 2 piece to do all the hard work for you and it seems that most retailers are more than willing to help. Co-ords re-emerged on the fashion scene a couple of months ago and if it still makes as much of an impact now as it did when it bit the runway, then I’m in.

This is one trend that I was more than happy to buy into because its so chic, it hurts – and it provides a lot of sass for your bucks. A lot of brands have definitely gone down the spectrum with this one. From oversized palm trees splashed across mini skirts and waist length jackets, to a play of polka dots, I’ve even seen a couple of my fashionistas sport a denim on denim ensemble and when Mareh_Atelier added this to her recent collection, I didn’t think twice before making a bee line for the rail.

The beauty of co-ords is that they take the effort out of making an effort. Looking put together shouldn’t always involve you rummaging through your closet and this makes my start of the week slay too easy to achieve.

I also took a spin in this and paired the co-ordinated suit with a graphic tee and a pair of sneakers for a more street style approach. Fancy a style steal? Head on over to Mareh_Atelier and thank me later.

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