written by staplesandstyle July 7, 2017

For as long as I can remember, I spend most of my idle time searching out and scrolling through Instagram profiles that inspire me. Venturing into blogging in 2015 with a Nikon D3100 was like a four year old that was handed a stick shift. I had an equipment that was capable of so much but I knew very little about how to get the most of it. A few months after, I upgraded to a Nikon D5300 but I would soon learn that the camera wasn’t so much the problem as was the technique.

I resorted to YouTube and watched every tutorial out there and soon discovered a photo editing app that was capable of making my pictures look better. I eventually laid my hands on Lightroom and started playing around with various editing techniques and moods as my very uncoordinated Instagram feed shows *covering my face*.

In the process, I fell in love with a lot of bloggers and found out the cameras and lenses they use. The Canon 50mm F/1.8stm lens quickly rose to the top of my list and after months of waiting, it arrived Abuja. (You don’t want to know why I had to wait very long – trust me).

I was happier than a kid at Christmas and figured i’d test it out with this outfit from Mareh Atelier. I tell you, her entire summer collection is nothing short of fabulous and I hope you make out time to stop by and I also hope to keep bringing you nothing short of the best.

 Outfit: Mareh_Atelier

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