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Hey lovelies!

I’m back with another very relatable post on the wedding series and i’m sure you’ve attended at least one social event, soiree, wedding, cocktail party or get-together alone. Don’t lie – you’ve also had your moment of looking around the room awkwardly, grasping on to your phone for dear life, feeling like you’re standing out like a sore thumb. Well my darling, me too. In fact it has happened to me more times than I can count and i’m probably the weirdest awkward person you’ll ever meet.

But growing up and given my line of work, I have come to realize that most events have three zones: The Start zone, Social Zone and the Side zone. And if you’re going to leave that function with accolades in your heart, you need to know how long to spend in each of these zones.

The Start Zone is the entry point of all events and where nerves run the highest. It’s almost impossible to have a meaningful conversation at this point because everyone is just getting there, they’re looking around – trying to identify similar faces and working up a good first impression. Chances are that you’ll catch whomever you decide to chat with at an inappropriate time and they’ll shrug you off with the most basic excuse. – That’s minus three points for you already.

Think of the side zone as the point of no return. If you find yourself there for longer than 25 minutes, you might as well call an Uber and be on your way home. Where are the side zones you may ask? The bathroom. Use it if you must but don’t hover around the door because it’s the only place without people and you feel better alone. The same goes for the food table. If you hover around the small chops table for longer than you should, not only will you have to grapple with garlic breadth but you may find yourself in uncomfortable chatting and chewing moments. – Another four points off your score board.*thumbs down*.

The social zone however is where your score board begins to rack up a lot of points – even for the introverts. You may not be one for long conversations but here’s a tip – navigate your way to the bar or drinks area. Why? Because most people there would have gotten over the anxiety from the start zone and are willing to engage in light-hearted conversations. You could say something as basic as “Do you think the mixologist did a good job with your drink?” and a great conversation may commence.

I learnt this the hard way. In times past I would show up at events solo and shrink into the corner of the room. I was horrible with small talk and I would wish the event would skip by so that I can go back to my comfort zone. Anyhow you look at it, going to an event where you don’t know anyone is an anxiety inducing affair and you may loose out on meeting a lot of really great people because you’re shy or unable to blend in easily. Give it a chance, live a little. Besides more than half of the people there may never see you in their lives again so you might as well have a great time.

Comment below and share your best or worst solo experience. Thanks for reading guys.

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