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Hey guys!

I’ve been gone for so long, i almost don’t know how to begin this post. The last time I showed my face around here was when I told you about the Valentine’s Day Treat at The Hilton, Abuja and It has been a good month and some days since then. I promise I’ve not forsaken my blog (lol) but March was one month that was rewarding in so many ways. I worked on a campaign with a brand that spanned a better part of the month and I more or less put my regular posting schedule on hold – BUT I’M BACKĀ  and I thought I’d just share what I’ve been wearing lately.

  1. Mom Shorts & Blazers

If you know anything about me, It’s that I love fashion but in as much as I love fashion, I keep my comfort levels in check. And although it seems as though I’m always out to put the after effects of my workout routine on display, I do love a good pair of slightly long short-shorts (If that makes any sense). I wore this ensemble a lot last month and this H&M jacket that I was gifted has slowly becomeĀ  a fave. I paired it with a lace bodysuit and pointed flats – another thing I’ve been loving lately.

  1. Luxe Active Wear

Active wear has taken on a whole new meaning on the fashion scene. I find myself reaching for a sports bra and gym leggings when I’m about to go into full on couch potato mode; I throw it on when I’m making a quick dash to pick up groceries, I resort to them when I’ve got friends coming over – I mean….it has more or less taken the place of bum shorts and tank tops in my life and I’m here for it.

  1. Chunky Sneakers & Loafers

Oh the revolution! The first time I came across a pair of these was in one of Patricia Bright’s Youtube videos and right there and then, I banished it. A few months later, I came across these beauties on the Zara website and I couldn’t hold back. As in the picture above, I like wearing my chunky trainers with active wear, dresses and short shorts. I like how they add some bulk to my legs and in most cases, I keep my outfit simple and allow them do all the talking.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I was wondering, would you like me to do these kinds of monthly fashion reviews or you rather the weekly blog posts? I’m at your service guys – so let me know. Leave a comment below.


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