Hey lovelies!

What a week it has been. How was yours? If you’re a regular around here or my Instagram page, you’ll know that I post a lot of #weekender pictures on Fridays and Saturdays and that’s because of my idea of weekends. The entire month of April however has been an amazing month – I know we have ten days to go in the month but looking back on last three weeks of the month, I have a lot to be thankful for.

In one of my previous posts, I told you guys about my road trip to Usman Dam. One of the highlights of my visit there was my one minute  canoe ride. Although my heart was in my mouth for a better part of it, I was able to connect with the stillness and sense of calm that boat riders or canoe lovers speak of. Immediately we paddled the canoe away from the bank and glided five seconds into the body of  water, it was pure bliss. All I could see was a large expanse of still calm water, foggy patches here and there and an overall beautiful ambience. It was such p a beautiful experience that I promised myself to revisit for that purpose alone.

After the boat ride, I settled town to a tasty assortment of fruits. I hope to share more beautiful moments like these with you guys and I already attempt to do so on my Instagram page. You may have noticed that my feed has taken on a warm hue and that is reflective of my slow, intentional hygge living. I promised to start a series about this on my channel and I think I will do so in May.

Until then, thanks for popping by. Have an exotic weekend. xx…

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