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So about last weekend right?…Lets back up a bit. Ever since I moved to Abuja in 2013 and heard about Usman Dam, I wanted to visit the place. I had seen beautiful images of the water body, the rock formations and because I appreciate nature, I was naturally drawn to it. So last weekend, the opportunity came and I jumped at it with a lot of gusto. It became more or less like a mini get away from the madness of Abuja for a couple of hours so it was myself, Demi, Chibuzo and Emeka and as you would naturally expect from bloggers embarking on escapades like this, our cameras were bound to accompany us. I had already planned out what my blog pictures would look like, the angles I would capture, the captions for the gram….look! I was ready.


However, here is a girl that got her ass whooped for almost falling over London Bridge in the 90’s. I’ll summarize. It was summer and we were on our regular summer vacation as a family so one thing led to another and we found ourselves walking along London Bridge. My mum then wanted to take a picture of my brothers and sisters by the bridge (if you remember those snappy snap disposable cameras that were a thing back then, that was what she was using) so that we would print them in the shop that was in front of Liverpool St. Station on our way home. So one thing led to another and I attempted to sit on the bridge…for the picture. I don’t know why or what came over me but my mum rushed at me so fast and gave me slap so hard, my burger fell to the ground. But this occurrence didn’t stop me.

I love water bodies and how calming they are. A lot of times I go to Jabi Lake and just stare out into the distance because I find water bodies fascinating. I love watching documentaries about the Bermuda triangle and the titanic but with all this love for water, Kachi doesn’t know how to swim. No no, scratch that, I don’t know how to float because I can swim from end to end but you’ll never find me in the middle of the pool, flapping my legs and passing time. I was however determined to take at least one picture in the water.

So I thought to use the rocks that line the banks of the river to my advantage. I was going to walk in just enough for the water to get to my knees and turn around to face the camera. Bear in mind that right after the settlement of rocks, the river gets deep and this lady had no means of rescuing herself – should anything go wrong. I walked far enough, the water got to my hips and just as I was about to turn around and face the camera, I slipped and almost fell backwards into the water (P.s Demi & Chibuzo had gone to change into outfit number 2 and although Emeka can swim, I was doubtful that he was going to be fast enough to save me if the need arose.) Thankfully I steadied myself and posed for a picture that didn’t make the cut because really nervous.

I also went on a canoe ride – and I was scared shitless. But I will delve into this in more detail in the second part of this series. Please leave a comment below and rate my foolishness. Lol! Thanks for reading guys!!


  1. Demi Akin
    April 4, 2018 / 3:05 pm

    Only Onyekachi can make Usman Dam seem like the most appealing holiday destination! Lol. You’re lucky I missed your slip else I would have laughed so hard after the shock wears off of course lol


  2. April 10, 2018 / 10:56 pm

    So many beautiful pictures all in one. Thanks for sharing.

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