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How has your Easter break been thus far? Truth be told, mine has been quite restful and given the kinda schedule that i juggle during the week, the extended weekend couldn’t have come at a better time. So remember how I told you guys about an experience I had with a tailor when I was seventeen years old? Brief recap – It was my grand ma’s burial and my folks mandated everyone at home to wear Ankara (and this was my first time of wearing Ankara ever). Long story short, the tailor messed up. When my dress came back, it was ill fitting, I hated her interpretation of my preferred style and everything just seemed wrong. From then on, I became apprehensive about Ankara tailored prints. The second time I wore Ankara was for my dad’s funeral but in this case, it was a very lovely lace fabric and I haven’t even worn it again since then.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when a House of Enoi reached out to me in respect of a collaboration. I was obviously uninterested because of the “subject matter” but after going in for my first fitting, things started looking up. In a bid to feed my growing interest, I read up the origin of Ankara and why African’s love it so much. Turns out it dates back to the colonization of the Indonesians by the Dutch and a flawed production batch led to its exportation to the Gold Coast. (I love how this brings back memories of Trade and Aids to trade).

I went in for a second fitting and I was in love. The vibrant colors, the way it gloves my curves, the excellency of the tailoring and her unique approach to styling the millennial lady in the age old African print. This is what I’ve always sought out for in tailored African prints – adorning an outfit that incorporates the right balance between the contemporary English style while staying true to the African heritage.


The first Outfit I wore was a fringe skirt with large dozes of cobalt blue splashed around in the very core; paired with a black mesh top and strappy sandals.  I opted for a deep wavy wig and the combination of the hair and the outfit screams “I’m a free spirited African lady”!. (If i do say so myself lol!)

The second outfit is something I think Jessica Pearson  would wear. Am I right? It’s a midi length skirt with fringe detailing at the hem, paired with a multi-colored mesh top  and the blunt cut wig to wrap it up.


The third and final piece is an embellished cape top. This picture doesn’t do it nearly as much justice as it deserves. The studding that beautifies the front of it leads up to a mid-length bishop’s collar, that makes the top all the more flattering.

You can shop these pieces and her entire collection here.

Outfit : House of Enoi 

Hair: Hair by Ucan


  1. Oma
    April 2, 2018 / 1:38 pm

    Amazing …..Ditch all ur attires and wear Ankara 24/7 lol

  2. April 2, 2018 / 11:46 pm

    This is entirely, utterly beautiful. First time on your blog (lowkey been stalking you on Instagram) and I already know I am here to stay.
    I love all the outfits, so beautiful and well tailored. Indigenous brands are really stepping up, even RTW lines, I am so proud of where Nigerians are going!

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