Hey guys,

I feel as if its been a minute since I’ve been here. I mentioned in my last post that I was starting a YouTube channel and I did. I uploaded my first video last week Sunday and i’ll be real with you, it was not a joke. I went through up to ten re-takes and finally decided to just wing it. however – I definitely had a blast styling this surplice gingham top.


It’s one of those trends i bought into without a second thought because of its versatility. I styled it three ways and loved all three looks equally.

The first was a corporate look with a pair of trousers I got from El-Boogie (I mention this store a lot because it’s one of the very few local stores i patronize). I love that the pants are high waisted and wide at the bottom. I bought the trousers a little over a year ago and not one thread has run loose.

My second look was more of a Thursday – Friday kinda ensemble. Pairing this surplice top with flared jeans gave me all sorts of vintage retro love. I really love how the ensemble came together.

My third and final look was a weekenders delight. If you know me, you’ll know that over the weekends i’m either in a pair of shorts or a mini skirt. while this denim skirt isn’t exactly mini, I love that it’s somewhere in-between and it still gives the look i was going for.

which of the three was your best? Comment below and I’ll see you in my next Youtube video. (Which will be up on Sunday).

Thanks for stopping by guys.

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