Hi guys,

I’ve been gone for so long, I feel a re-introduction is necessary. Long story short, my name is Kachi and I love interior Design. I am the showroom Manager and Head Visual Merchandiser at Nettetal Luxury & Kare Design….so i guess you can kind of call me an Interior Designer. I moved into my studio apartment in 2016 and I can definitely say it’s beginning to feel a lot more like home.

Last year,  I was really into the warm tones and pastel colors. I had a thing for blush pink as you may have noticed on my Instagram page. I found a way to introduce beautiful millennial pink accents and decor pieces into my apartment and as far as that goes, I’d say I had a beautiful home that I found comforting. A few months down the line and a major paradigm shift later, something changed in me. Call it the coming of age…or whatever you will, but I found a love for the Mid-Century Modern style and I couldn’t shake it. I found myself drawn to a little bit of boho glam and the rustic chic style as well, so from middle of November, I started creating a mental moodboard. I resorted to Pinterest and started pinning inspirational pictures that resonated the look I wanted to create.


I knew I wanted green walls but i was doubtful of the shade I that would be ideal. So i pulled these pictures together to serve as a guide and i ended up with the Berger Paint’s closest alternative to ROYCROFT BOTTLE GREEN. However, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that a week later, I changed one of the green walls to matte black – BEST DECISION EVER!!!!!!


I was about 1000% sure that I wanted a rich tan leather sofa. I knew It had to be a 3 seater that would sit right opposite my tv wall and section of my lounge. As per usual, I had my local tradesman come into my apartment, take measurements and produce it to fit the particular space where I wanted it. I also wanted to incorporate a textured rug (which I actually got last year) and i wanted a coffee table that would be wow!


I initially wanted an irregular shaped tree trunk coffee table. I reached out to a couple of people that I was referred to, but after almost two weeks, I got tired of the disappointments and moved on to something else. I then opted for an oversized square coffee table with wrought iron legs – and about ten days later it arrived. (insert happy dance smiley).


My home office was a brainer. I wanted a white desk with slim wooden legs and a lot of oak effect decor and accessories dotted around the place. The white office desk i opted for is an adaptation of the actual one in the moodboard that I produce regularly. The main challenge was my chair. I wanted a mid-century esque chair with a wooden presence, a back-rest and all that. At some point, I changed my mind and wanted a bamboo high back one (let’s not even get into the rubbish that I almost paid for! I promise to include a “what I ordered vs what I got” in coming posts.


This was one room that I was very unsure of…in terms of the color of the walls. My initial intention was to keep the walls neutral but as time went on, things changed and became very dramatic. I also wanted the beddings in here to be thematic….and i think i also knocked that out of the park.

Like I said on my instagram, I am re-living the process of redecorating and renovating my house with you and I will literally take everything step by step.

This posts basically lays a foundation for the rest that are to come .


  1. Ideefrancis
    March 26, 2020 / 4:35 pm

    Thanks for sharing. You are such an inspiration.

    • staplesandstyle
      April 2, 2020 / 4:49 pm

      Thank you so much. I’m glad you appreciate the little bits of inspiration i publish here and there.

  2. Uloma
    April 18, 2020 / 7:49 pm

    Hi, I found your page on Instagram and I really love your space. Please would you be willing to share the contact details of the tradesman who made your sofa?

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