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Has it been a hot minute since I’ve been here or what? I have been spending a lot of time creating content for my Youtube channel but that shouldn’t be a reason to neglect you guys on this front. On Saturday however, I published another video on my channel and this one was about Pinterest Hacks. Click here if you would like to watch it but in this video, I sort of inserted a clip or two of my new and improved home office space.

I’m of the school of thought that my work space has to be colorful, stylish, artsy and scream “I’m a creative”. When I started renovating my apartment this year, I decided to move my office space around a bit – See the befor ehere – and with the decision for a change came a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. After days and days of stalling, I finally decided to go for it, and I think i am pleased with the outcome. Here are the things I took into consideration:

  1. The Mesh Wall Grid: I saw way too many variations of mesh/wire wall grids all over Pinterest and I just had to incorporate it into my space.  Not only were the price points ridiculous for vertical and horizontal strings of metal glued to each other, I worried about getting it delivered to Nigeria in the event where I decided to order from any online seller. At this point, my creative juices kicked in and I contracted a local welder in Wuse 2 to make one for me. I gave him my preferred dimensions – 2ft by 3ft and told him to leave it black.
  2. Sheepskin throw blanket: The second thing I took into consideration was my office chair and the need to make it more conducive for long hours of working. Since I was not prepared to incur the cost of getting a new chair altogether, I figured i’d make a slight modification to what I had. I did this by adding on a throw rug and it has added a lot of padding to the back. I got this from a seller on Instagram called TheFabulousJunkCompany .
  3. Office supplies & Stationery: I recently put up a photo on Instagram where I asked my followers their opinion about office supplies and their preference. I’m definitely one for colorful stationery. I will go into more detail about this in my next post.






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  1. Nimi Crystal Amachree
    March 9, 2018 / 9:24 am

    Wow, I love what you did with your space. I see so many beautiful decor on pinterest as well but i don’t incorporate them into my lifestyle. I saw a photo and I couldn’t believe it was a Nigerian room. You’ve definitely inspired me, now I will roam Pinterest with a vengeance. This is my first time on your blog but trust I will be here often and IG as well.

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