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So I was away from my day job for about four days last week and although I took the time off to rest my back and waist, the busy bee in me couldn’t keep herself in bed. I decided to sort through my basket of random office supplies which I had accumulated over time and as you can tell by the title of this post, I was able to put together a gold/monochrome themed decor series for my desk.

One would think I purchased these things at the same time because of the synchrony but I bought them months apart of each other, without the knowledge that the shops where I bought the other ones would have them in the coming months.

  1. Gold Finish Wire Basket: This was part of a Baylis & Harding bathrobe set which I got for myself last Christmas from Nettetal. The product bundle offered the basket, a lush white bathrobe, bath crystals and a shower gel and at the point of purchase, I know I was going to re-purpose it.

2. Notepads: Raise your hand if you obsess over writing everything down. I obsess over the most basic details – down to the color of shirt I’m wearing for a particular shoot and the location. And while I’m on the fence between dated planners and open-dated ones, I go for the closest option to me while remaining mindful of its color.

3. Sticky Notes: This comes in handy when I have an uber important task planned against the next day and I feel that writing it down in my notepad won’t cut it.

4. Office Pins & clips: I honestly believe that the universe has a way of making time and chance happen. When I bought the set of gold/white stationery, I had not yet decided to go for the metal wall grid. Now however, I use the gold/black pins to hold up memories and keepsakes on the wire mesh. How perfect?

5. Faux Plants: I cannot over-emphasize the importance of this, neither can I explain the aesthetically enhancing benefits of infusing one into your space. Whether you want to opt for greens or flowers, you definitely need to incorporate either of the two.



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