Hey guys,

How are we doing today? I’ve lost count of the days but we are still in lockdown which means we’re spending every waking minute of the day at home. And one truth that has hit home really hard in the last few days is the fact that if your home isn’t at its neatest and tidiest right now it most likely never will.

I live in a studio apartment so I interact with every angle of the house. I shared on my Instagram stories my intention of styling the floating shelves above my closet a few weeks ago, but with the lockdown setting in, I had to put shopping on hold – and for the first week of being at home, I stared at empty shelves all day long. Last night I decided to dig into my endless pile of personal effects and dig out whatever I could find to temporarily fill the shelves – and I’m quite impressed.

Obviously, I’m keeping away from the overly glam-chic vibe with my decor at the moment. So¬† everything I incorporated faulters between the boho-rustic-mid century vibe. I found a couple of old books, vintage style decor pieces, some old boxes and I even played with a wooden bowl I originally bought for breakfast.


As a rule with shelf decorations, I played with height, clusters and a variation of textures. On the first layer, I placed my candle stands that i’ve had for almost 4 years, followed through with a cluster of my mirror & a stack of books and then a hurricane lantern. The second layer varies slightly from the first but i still maintained a thematic display, and did the same for the third layer.

Like I mentioned earlier, I dug out these bits and bobs purely because I was tired of seeing empty shelves all day everyday. Most of the stores that I would ordinarily shop from are closed but as soon as we get through this, I will grab all the bits i intend to and show you my updated shelfie. lol!

What do you think? Yay or nay? My neighbor popped in to say hi this morning and said he didn’t think it would be important to change anything when the shops re-open. Do you agree?


  1. Obinna
    April 9, 2020 / 7:05 pm

    I like that cube square stuff!

  2. Afoma Okoli
    April 10, 2020 / 5:08 pm

    I absolutely love it. One thing I do miss in life was never living alone. I can just imagine how my home could have been. Love how you incorporated the old with the new and kept the colours neutral.

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