Guys look, I’ll go straight to the point. If eclectic is your thing and you’re about that coffee shop life, then @thecubecafe should be your new spot.  #dasall! I promised to go into more detail in this post so here we go.

There are certain things that I look out for in a new “spot” and the first thing on my list is the ambiance – because that’s what will keep me coming back. With the influence of the digital age in our day, an outing is not complete with just a great meal. Pictures have slowly become one of the evidences of a great time and going by that alone, I give these guys a seventeen out of ten because the cafe is beyond picturesque.

With large dozes of natural light bursting in from all angles, the artsy vibes here and there, little dainty and quirky pieces of furniture thoughtfully scattered around and an impressive collection of books to read. Even if you don’t fancy a novel, the aesthetics are enough to engage you throughout your stay.

I was spoiled for choice when the menu was presented to me because everything seemed like it would be mouth-wateringly tasty. I went ahead and settled for burger and fries and that decision was the best way of liberating my taste buds because I hadn’t had a burger in about three years prior. All in all guys, the cafe is in Maitama amusement park and I also linked their Instagram page somewhere above to make it easy for you guys to find them out.

Go there and send me a dm when you do. Thanks for reading guys!!


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