According to Tom Ford, one of the ’15 Things every Man Should Have’ is a signature scent. Fashion and grooming aside, be it a condo, a studio apartment or a duplex you live in, having a signature scent at home – by way of a scented candle or diffuser just ties everything together.

Old folklore has it that the Danes began the tradition of constantly burning candles after their liberation in 1945. They all spontaneously lit candles in their window in commemoration of this and since then, it has evolved into the beautiful art of huddling together, creating an atmosphere in your home and evoking a feeling of warmth. Aside from setting a mood and an ambiance, scents also mask odours that can spread and stick in your space and this is what formed my love for Tiwi’s home fragrances in general.

The first time I tried out Tiwi’s home fragrances was early last year – and at this point, I had gotten used to a lot of foreign brands which I felt no Nigerian brand could ever be compared to. With ever PR package I have received over time, this brand has continued to flaw my doubts and misconceptions. Her entire range of scented candles and diffusers can envelope a 25 square meter space and more in about 4 minutes (try one and confirm this theory) and they linger.

I was very kindly sent a ginormous PR package a week ago that surprised me even more. I follow Tiwi Home Fragrances on instagram and when she launched her new collection, I was taken aback by the packaging. I’m talking space grey bottles, millennial pink diffusers and some more the cutest shade of gold ever known to man. You’ve got to admit that this can compete on an international level and the potency of the candles will give a fair few of the brandsi see in IKEA, H&M and the like a run for their money.

A genius move she made was launching a gift collection – best idea yet! because there are times when you just don’t know what to buy for your girlfriend or your bestie. Trying not to be basic by getting them an item of clothing or a fashion accessory will lead you straight to this gift set – which will be greatly appreciated because a house without warmth or comfort will never be a home.

Another reason why I love Tiwi’s scented candles is because they are soy based. Which means they are organic and burn 50% longer than most other candles. This post is coming one week after I received this package because I wanted to have a feel of them before putting this post up, and just like the last wto packages, they have outdone themselves and released genius collection.

Shop all the items I got here.

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